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San G minority at-large state council member:  Troy Liggens

CTA Board Members

CTA Board Member District K: Wendy Eccles

CTA Board Member District M: Joe Bartell

CTA Board Member District O: Greg Abt

CTA Board Member At Large: Robert Ellis and Angela Der Ramos

CTA/ABC Member K: Connie Verhulst

CTA/ABC Member L: Lorrain Richards

CTA/ABC Member M: Loretta Arenas

CTA/ABC Member O: Anthony Garcia

CTA/ABC At Large: Vanessa Robinson, Andrea Reyna

NEA Board Member District 9: Grant Shuster

NEA Board Member District 11: Yulia Alonso-Garza

NEA Board Member District 13: Erika Zamora

CTA/NEA Retired Liaison: Judy Berndt-

NEA Directors

CTA ABC Members

CTA Board Members

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